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It’s our namesake for a reason; this is the class where we introduce the general public to the health benefits of training like a “fighter” but without having to worry about getting hit.


This class is a mix of boxing and strength & conditioning.  Beginners get a quick run through of boxing technique, footwork and how to properly train on a heavy bag.  The main portion of this class is broken out similar to a boxing match, with 3 minute work rounds and 1 minute rest periods.  During each 3 minute round, you will have the option of working on your boxing (whether it be on a heavy bag, speed bag or hitting focus mitts 1-on-1 with a trainer in the ring) or taking your gloves off and doing one of several sets of strength & conditioning stations we have set-up for that class. These stations use a wide array of equipment such as battling ropes, kettlebells, sledge hammers, tires, sled pushes, body weight exercises, etc.

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Strength Training classes are full body weight training classes focused on proper form, intense lifting and building muscle. There is no boxing in these classes - it is all strength training using free weights, kettlebells, body weight exercises and other resistance training equipment to get your metabolism stoked, to shred fat, and to build muscle. These are intense, full-body workouts but, similar to Fitness Boxing classes, the reps and weight can be scaled so people of any fitness level can take them and benefit. 

Classes led by Angela Christo or Marty Slone.

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Kids/Family Boxing class is for boys and girls in the age range of 5-12.  It incorporates elements of both boxing and kickboxing.  Classes include heavy bad work and technique drills and strength & conditioning.  Parents are encouraged but not required to participate with their children.  Classes are led by Marty Slone and currently run 2 times per week in 6-week sessions: Tue at 6:00pm and Sat at 12:00pm.  New kids may start mid-session, but when coming for the first time should come to a Tuesday class.  No need to register beforehand, just show up to any Tuesday class to get started.  Cost for the full 6-week session (12 classes) is $175 (discounts for multiple kids and no extra charge for parents to participate.) 


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The Cincinnati High School Boxing Team (CHB) has been training boxers for 25 years and is open to students from any school in the Cincinnati area. Our objective is to provide a safe and organized forum to learn Olympic-style amateur boxing. Alumni of the CHB program went on to establish the University of Cincinnati Boxing Club, which is now one of the top college boxing teams in the country and who also train with the CHB team. Amateur boxing is much safer than professional boxing due to emphasizing points rather than power, fewer & shorter rounds and the use of headgear. Typically, the team consists of 25-40 students from approximately 15 area schools. Students can train just for fun & fitness or choose to spar and potentially compete.


The University of Cincinnati Boxing Club is a student run club sport and is open to all UC students.  The team was started in 2011 by UC students who had previously competed on CFB's High School Boxing Team.  CFB is located less than 2 miles from the University of Cincinnati, making it easy for students to get to the gym.

The college boxing season runs primarily from September through March.  During the season, team members are able to compete in intramural shows as well as National Collegiate Boxing Association (NCBA) and United States Intercollegiate Boxing Association (USIBA) events and tournaments.  The UC Boxing Club is also open to students who do not wish to compete but just want to learn the sport of boxing and train with the team.  If you attend another local university but wish to train with the UC Boxing Club, we do accept members on a case-by-case basis.

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